Selected Wagyu Beef & Fresh Hormone
Reasonably priced

Official] Yakiniku Horumon TASAKI Shinbashi 2nd Shop
Official] Yakiniku Horumon TASAKI Shinbashi 2nd Shop
Official] Yakiniku Horumon TASAKI Shinbashi 2nd Shop


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About Full Attendance Yakiniku

Hormone Tasuki's specialty! In order to serve your favorite meat at its best, our staff will grill each piece of meat carefully according to your request!

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Fresh Hormones

We serve carefully selected high quality meat with careful preparation. Please enjoy the best flavor and texture of a dish filled with the skills of a professional horumon chef.

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Casual space

The wood grain tone of the restaurant gives it a warm feeling. Our staff will do their best to entertain you so that you can truly enjoy your time with us. Enjoy a pleasant time with your family and friends!

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Specialty drink menu

Our specialty is a "T(thorough)T(target)P(crunch)A(arrangement)" menu. Please try ...... to see what kind of drink it is!

~2 minute walk from Shinbashi Station
Full-attendance style yakiniku restaurant

◆The best meat in the best condition
Carefully selected high quality meat.
The kitchen staff carefully season the food,
Hall staff along with the part
Served with the best grill!

Each piece of meat is carefully grilled one by one.
Please enjoy to your heart's content!

◆Various menus
A variety of meats, of course, are on the menu.
Courses are available for you to enjoy.
Please use it in a wide range of situations.

Standard Course
11 items, 5,900 yen (tax included)
2.5H all-you-can-drink with additional charge

course (route, trail, course of action, course of study, plan)

Why not spend a luxurious time tonight? We offer a "Luxury Course" for 7,900 yen (tax included), which includes a full plate of beef such as lean meat and ribs, freshly seared top liver, and more. The course can be changed to an all-you-can-drink package for 2.5 hours for an additional charge, so it can be used for drinking parties and banquets. Please enjoy our specialty, carefully selected Japanese beef to your heart's content!


In addition to seared top liver, beef shimachou, and top minnow, the lineup includes pork top cartilage, gut minnow, and other items that are sure to please hormone lovers! Enjoy the full flavor and texture that only careful preparation can provide. In addition to carefully selected fresh meat and hormone, we also offer a wide variety of a la carte dishes such as grilled foil, seafood pancakes, and cold noodles to finish off your meal.


We have a wide variety of drinks that go well with our food. Some drinks such as beer, highballs, and sours can be changed to a mega beer mug for +506 yen! This also applies to our famous "TTPA" series! In addition, we also offer Korean liquors such as makgeolli, wine, and soft drinks. Please enjoy your favorite drink.

Store interior and space

A relaxed and casual space with the warmth of wood. Please enjoy it for various occasions, such as family dinners, drinking parties with friends, and company banquets. Our staff will carefully grill each dish one by one, so please wait with a drink in your hand! Have a good time at our restaurant!

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